Send me those Wedding Invitations

They are as much a part of your day as your cake and flowers

Show me your wedding invitation and I will show it some camera love!  These days wedding invitations are little works of graphic genius .  They are professionally designed, color coordinated and personal to the couple making them as much a part of the wedding day as the cake and flowers.  I don’t think many of my clients read my contract but there is a short sentence in there that asks that one of the wedding invitations be sent to me.  No, no, it’s not that I want to rsvp and reserve the fish plate; it’s because I want a gorgeous picture of it.  These invites aren’t cheap either with most couples spending $2-5 (yup, each!) and that isn’t including mailing them out…. twice (for that return rsvp!).  On the wedding day I will bring the invitation along and use elements of your day to feature along with it in creating the photo.  Then there it is, part of your day, part of the story and a perfect addition to your wedding album.  Any thoughts on getting a wedding album?  Here are a few of the lovely invites from 2018.

wedding invitations photography