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Just Engaged - Looking for a Maine Wedding Photographer

I am a Maine Wedding Photographer and only in Maine can you get a photograph like this with couple having a kiss on a buoy in Casco Bay. If your thinking for a coastal themed wedding than look no further. Maine has over 1000 miles of scenic undeveloped coast, islands galore and natural beauty that you just can't find anywhere else. As a photographer I can attest that Maine is the best place in the world for any wedding! In this image Amanda and Obie share a kiss on the buoy number 8 in Casco Bay. It was a rainy morning but thankfully not too cold and we took Obie's fishing boat out for a tour. This was one of the final images of the day. Obie had this shot in his head all along and when he old me of the buoy kiss shot I was totally game. It was a bit of a daring shot as the ocean was pretty cold that misty mid November morning. He pulled the boat around and they jumped on and I grabbed the shot. Thankfully no one fell in! As a wedding photographer I love stuff like this. Something different and something that no other couple will likely have! A wedding photographers dream!

Location: Casco Bay, Maine, buoy number 8.

Joshua Atticks | Maine Wedding Photography