The First Look Between Father and Daughter
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The First Look Between Father and Daughter

Something special happens when a father sees his daughter in her wedding dress on her wedding day. Being a father myself I can only imagine what emotions would be stirring inside on this very special moment. This picture says it all. There is no need for words as their expressions alone say "I love you" and so much more. There is also depth in this image as the bridesmaids and mother is present in the background looking on as the event unfolds. This is precious wedding photography at it's best!

Wedding days are full of wonderful, beautiful and emotional events. Sometimes they happen naturally as the day unfolds and sometimes a bit of nudging or coordination is required. As a wedding photographer I am always looking for those moments and stories and sometimes I'll help things along and place people into the moment (and into the perfect light) and what happens next is magic. As a wedding photographer I know how to capture the magic that is unfolding all around me and I also know when to create a bit of my own. Find the great light, invite the characters in and capture it as it happens. This is a wonderful example of creating some magic on a wedding day.

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