Can't cancel love
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Can't cancel love


What is this feeling? Is it just a chemical reaction in my brain or much more? Is it in my heart or in the matter, this stardust from which I am made? Love comes first, then marriage. This is life.

Love goes on, even during a pandemic. If anything, it flourishes here. Nothing peels back the superficial layers like panic and uncertainty. Love marches on.

Yup, these pandemic times really suck but some things even a deadly virus can't stop. You can't cancel love, joy, or happiness. No matter what restrictions are imposed, gorgeous imagery of your wedding day done with spontaneity, and fun will be created. Authentic photography is always a reflection of the soul and spirit of the subject. Just bring yourself, your love, and your spirit, I'll capture the rest. Memories are fleeting; photography memorializes the moments and feelings.

Love will go on. So will weddings. They might be slower paced, more intimate, peaceful, and joyous. It's 2020. Maybe this is where the modern wedding needed to be taken. Love focused, love first.

Stay safe, be positive and love each other - it's really the best thing in the would for your immune system. Fill your heart with love and you will never die.


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Location: Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

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